About Us

Blakes Organic Chocolate is a Irish based Organic and Fair-Trade chocolate business. Regarded as one of the premium organic chocolate brands in Ireland and the UK where it was listed on the “Top 10 most ethical chocolate companies” by The Guardian newspaper.

Blakes Organic Chocolate was is a turely unique chocolate company. Established in 2007 it has grown to be one of Irelands favourite chocolates. 

Our chocolate is

Delicious - with great favours and variety in our range of 7 bars

Healthy - We know that chocolate and health are not words you here often, but the health benefits of coco are now known. Added to that our chocolates are gluten free with no additives whatsoever. 

Ethical - Being Fair Trade and Organic you can rest assured that when you eat a Blakes chocolate you are eating a product that threats the environment and farmers with the respect they both deserve in spades. 

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